Tips For Hiring Quality Packers and Movers

Hire the best Packers and Movers in Mumbai before you shift.

Looking for local packers and movers in Mumbai?
Hunting for the top packers and movers in Mumbai to shift you to distant Indian cities?
Searching for international packers and movers Mumbai for your move abroad?
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After all, the question is about the safety of your precious household goods. Randomly handing them over to any moving company is risky.
This is why you need to do a little bit of research before hiring movers and packers in Mumbai.

1) Don’t go for the cheapest movers

The cost of moving home depends on the quality of service they provide. When you ask for home moving quotes from movers, you will see that the prices vary a lot. Don’t simply hire the cheapest of the lot. They may not be as good at their work. Similarly, a higher price doesn’t guarantee good service. Hire a company that is trusted and verified.

2) Get multiple moving quotes

How can you compare quotes if one moving company is all you look at? The best way to find a moving company that fits your budget is by comparing quotes from at least 5 to 6 moving companies.

3) Check for hidden costs

Before hiring a mover, make sure there are no hidden costs. Some moving companies charge octroi and tolls separately.

Clarify this before signing the contract. Also, ask if there are any charges you might need to pay later on.

4) Check how much experience the companies have

Moving home isn’t easy. You wouldn’t want to hire someone who is very new to the business or has little experience, would you?

5) Look for reviews online

Look at what past customers have to say about the moving company. Check out for reviews from real customers. You could also look at Google or Facebook for reviews. This will help you decide which moving company is good and which ones to avoid.

6) Check how the company is insuring your goods

If you are moving long distance then it’s imperative that you insure your precious goods. Check if the valuation of the goods is properly done. Ask the agent about which items should be covered and how can you claim the insurance if the need arises.

Finding the right moving company to help you move home isn’t an easy task. But if you do it right, finding trusted packers and movers for home shifting in Mumbai shouldn’t be too difficult.

Whether you are looking to move home from Mumbai, to Mumbai or within Mumbai, PackMove can help you find the best relocation company in Mumbai.

How to hire professional packers and movers in Mumbai? Where do you wish to move your home?

1. Shift Your Home locally Within Mumbai City?

2. Move your home from Mumbai to another Indian city?

3. Relocate internationally to or from Mumbai?

5 steps to choose the best packers and movers in Mumbai

1. Fill in the details of your home move.

2. Get instant estimates from verified packers and movers from your city.

3. Compare mover prices. Check packers and movers' profiles, reviews, and ratings.

4. Choose the packers and movers who best fits your budget and expectations

5. Book  your move online.

Save grief with trusted local packers and movers in Mumbai

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